Rizin FF revealed next Kyoji Horiguchi opponent in Grand Prix - Photo Credit: @RizinFF

Kyoji Horiguchi and Tenshin Nasukawa shone brightly on Sunday, when Rizin Fighting Federation held their second event of 2017, at the legendary Saitama Super Arena.

Rizin FF 6: RIZIN World Grand Prix 2017 Opening Round Part 1 played host to three preliminary fights of this season’s Bantamweight Grand Prix. Former UFC title challenger; and tournament favouriteKyoji Horiguchi did not give a chance to Hideo Tokoro in the main event, smashing through him in just one round.

Using his karate background, Horiguchi got his win using punches, after knocking down Tokoro with the right hand.

Horiguchi advanced to quarterfinals that will take place on December 29 and the “Karate Kid” is waiting for next opponent that will be defined soon.

Nasukawa beats Saiga with another highlight finish

Japan’s newest prospect, kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa delivered another impressive performance inside the Rizin ring.

Facing Japanese Kizaemon Saiga in mixed rules (first round/kickboxing rules – 2nd and 3rd – MMA), Tenshin works his striking to claim another stoppage under the Rizin banner.

After exchanging punches, Tenshin delivered a straight punch to knockout Saiga in the first round, making a fourth win streak in the promotion.

“I’m happy about another win like this. But my focus is mixed MMA with kickboxing. I want to elevate the combat sports in Japan to the high level of main stream audience. But my main focus still at kickboxing. Of course, I want to do MMA fights with kickboxing matches and other things like boxing but I’m always still listening to the people around me. To do the right choice,” Nasukawa said in his post-fight interview.