Famous kickboxer, Jerome Le Banner talks about debut in Rizin and Nasukawa scenario - Photo: Bruno Massami

After a long lay off from fighting, French kickboxing legend Jerome Le Banner, talks with about making his comeback at this weekend’s RIZIN FF 2017 event in Fukoka City.

Due to compete in a MMA bout against DEEP heavyweight champion Roque Martinez, Le Banner talks about the upcoming bout as well as RIZIN FF and rising kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa.

Impressed with the performances of Nasukawa in both kickboxing endeavours and his Rizin Fighting Federation career, Le Banner believes Tenshin has huge potential to become a superstar in the future.

“I know him. He is the future of combat sports. Of everything. Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA. He can do everything. Very talented and has the Bushido. I believe when he was a kid, some Bushido touched his hand.”

Le Banner also advised Nasukawa about the dangerous that fame can bring to his life outside of the ring.