Screenshot from Dana White clip of McGregor/Malignaggi spar.

Paulie Malignaggi and the Conor McGregor camp have spent the past week arguing whether it was a push or a knockdown; in response to an incident in their final sparring session. 

Earlier this week, the former WBA title holder abruptly left the UFC Performance Institue following a leaked photo which depicted him being floored by McGregor. 

A few exchanges have been made between the pair since the split, including Malignaggi brandishing “The Notorious” a ‘scumbag’ and more recently; McGregor telling Ariel Helwani that he whooped the 36-year-old’s ass.  

Well to end the squabbling – and maybe to put some promoter spin on the upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather, Dana White has released a snippet of the sparring footage. 

Was it a push, or was it a knockdown? The eyes see what they want to see.