Still searching for a title shot, Jacare Souza blasts Bisping, Romero and...

Still searching for a title shot, Jacare Souza blasts Bisping, Romero and Rockhold

Jacare Souza UFC 208
Jacare Souza speaks after UFC 208 - Credit: UFC/YouTube Credit: UFC/Youtube

Ronaldo “Jacaré” Souza returns to action this Saturday, on the main card of UFC on FOX  24 against Australian fighter Robert Whittaker.

Still reeling from failing to secure a shot at UFC middleweight champion Micheal Bisping, Souza is now of the belief that none of the top fighters in his weight class want to face him inside the octagon.

“I really don’t know now (about a title shot). You need to ask the UFC and get their answer to that question. The thing is I’ve been waiting for years to get an opportunity. I’ve been ready for a title shot a long time and I believe that it will happen soon. If I have to smash everyone in the division, I will do it.” Souza told MMA Plus.

The Brazilian phenom believes that in the eyes of his counterparts he is the most dangerous man in the 185-pound division and it is this reason that he believes no top-5 fighter has expressed an interest in facing him.

“The best fighters compete against each other in all the other division’s, except at Middleweight. None of the fighters around me want to face me. The current champion (Bisping) is always running from me and neither Yoel Romero or Luke Rockhold want too face me again in the octagon claimed Souza.

Respect to Whittaker and support from fans and family

With no title shot in sight, facing Whittaker who currently sits at No. 6 in the UFC rankings is the best option for Jacare Souza but he has nothing but good things to say about the Australian who was man enough to step up to and face him.

“It’s a good fight for fans. Whittaker is young, tough dude. But I will show I am also when I step into the octagon and it will be an amazing show to the fans.

Every day I receive a ton of messages from my fans. They believe I will be the next champion and that’s my motivation to stay active.”