Terry Brazier (6-1) takes on Niklas Stolze (7-1) at BAMMA 27 in the 3Arena, Dublin on December 16. The UK’s leading MMA promotion are co-promoting with Bellator 169 on the night.

The event is set to be streamed live on UniLad on Friday night.

Stolze is a 23-year-old former kickboxer, having won 17 of his 20 kickboxing fights and only losing three of them. The young German now trains out of SBG Ireland and seems to have made the transition from kickboxing to MMA quite smoothly, with technically competent standup fighting style and striking skill set, gelling nicely with an all round MMA approach in past performances.

Brazier is seven years older than his opponent and comes from a military background but has the character and mindset you’d expect from someone determined to succeed; and has been investing his time and energy into evolving his craft and isn’t phased at all by the idea of having a stand-up fight with the former kickboxer.

“I’m quite happy to stand and have a K1 fight whereas before I was relying on my wrestling.”

“My jiu-jitsu has come on leaps and bounds. Every area, every aspect of training has come on. I’ve developed as a fighter because of that. At the end of the day, you’re only going to see more from me as my opponents get better.”

Having only once gone past the first round in his last fight against Sha Hussain which Brazier won by decision, “The Dominator” lives up-to his fight name with his fighting style that has wrecked past opponents with unrelenting pressure and non-stop violence from the very first bell.

In Stolze, he certainly seems to have that ‘better’ opponent this time round which, will hopefully bring more out of him in Dublin.