Cage Warriors made its long awaited return to action last night after an 18 month layoff. A packed out crowd at London’s Camden Centre watched Jack Hermmansson defend his middleweight title in the main event while seven of the nine fights overall were finished within three rounds.

But what did we learn about of winners from the main card?

Jack Hermmansson should stick with Cage Warriors

The Norwegian is in the best shape of his career after extending his unbeaten run to seven by TKO’ing Alan Carlos last night. But this surge of form, and inevitable popularity, should not cause him to be tempted by bigger organisations.

“The Joker” is only 27-years-old and will benefit from at least a couple more CWFC title defences before moving on to pastures new. He will have seen what can happen when champions cut their teeth within Graham Boylan’s promotion and he would be wise to bear that in mind when considering his future.

Paddy Plimbett is as funny as he looks, but a lot scarier

The 21-year-old scouser without doubt provided the best post-fight interview of the evening following his unanimous decision victory over Ashleigh Grimshaw. His first words were, “I’m the boy aren’t I”, before displaying his confidence further: “Put me in there with anyone, I’ll smoke you”. The laughs turned to cheers when Plimbett paid his respects to the Hillsborough tragedy and proclaimed: “Don’t buy The Sun.”

His fight, which was scored 30-27 by all three judges, was equally as impressive as his interview. “The  Baddy” completely dominated his opponent on the ground to extend his winning streak to six and overall record to 10-1. Plimbett is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Scott Clist doesn’t need long on the feet

The 37-year-old was ten seconds away from being on the receiving end of a 10-8 round but just before the bell rang he delivered a shattering overhand right to claim victory.

Up until that point Scott Wheeler had controlled the entire round, doing pretty much whatever he wanted with Clist on the ground. On more than one occasion the 25-year-old had Clist’s back and it looked like a submission was imminent.

Future opponents take note, don’t let Scott Clist stand up, not even for a second.

Chris Fishgold is immensely dangerous on the ground

I’ll admit we didn’t learn this last night but Fishgold reminded us just in case we forgot.

He threw Jordan Miller off within the first few seconds by throwing a looping overhand right and then capitalised on his opponents surprise by completing a double leg takedown. He spent the next 45 seconds snaking his way up the body of Miller and gaining side control. He expertly swivelled his position and sunk in a fight ending guillotine after just over a minute.

It will take a high level grappler to match Fishgold on the ground.

Darren Stewart has brutal elbows

Before the fight people questioned whether the 5’10” Stewart could deal with the eight inch height difference that James Hurrell presented. But from “The Dentist’s” point of view, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the ground.

The Londoner immediately closed the distance by scoring a beautifully timed takedown. From the top he landed vicious elbows which bloodied Hurrell. Those combined with a few hammer fists from the top meant that Marc Goddard had seen enough.

Alfie Davis loves to kick

The capacity crowd at the Camden Centre was boisterous all night but perhaps never more so than during Alfie Davis’ fight versus Terry Doyle. The Londoner had support from his friends and family throughout the fight but the entire arena was on their feet at times.

His most rermakable attack was the spinning heel kick, which he threw with great velocity a few times each round, catching his opponent in the head on one occasion.

After two and a half minutes of the second round “A.R.D” dropped Doyle with a beautiful liver kick and finished him off with ground and pound.