Gearing up for his encounter at Tanko Fighting ChampionshipsBrendan Loughnane slams Eden Newton, claiming ‘he’s been taking loads of steroids’.

The two Manchester based Lightweights will clash at Tanko Fighting Championships 1 at the Victoria Warehouse on Saturday, August 13.

Both Loughnane and Newton were involved in a scuffle at the weigh-ins, where the two men had to be restrained by security.

Eden Newton and Brendan Loughnane clash at the TFC 1 weigh-ins. Copyright Tanko

Speaking moments after, All Powers Gym’s Loughnane commented: “This is the first time I’ve seen him since all the shit he’s been talking on Facebook as well. He’s been taking loads of steroids, I can tell his eyes are popping out of his head and his testosterone levels are through the roof.

“As TFC we should start drug testing because he’s definitely been on steroids for the last six weeks, I’m telling you.”

Watch the full interview with Brendan, who also talks about the great Manchester occasion, The Lad Bible streaming and the level of his opponent and more.