In the Lead-up to this weekends inaugural TFC event which takes place on 13th August 2016 at Victoria Warehouse, the gloves were off as Ultimate Fighter veterans, Saul Rogers and Andre Winner came face to face to talk about their upcoming lightweight clash.

Tanko Fighting Championships 1

Main Card

Brendan Loughnane vs. Eden Newton – Lightweight
Saul Rogers vs. Andre Winner – Lightweight
Javonne Morrison vs. Brad Evans – Bantamweight
Ben Royle vs. Bobby Pallet – Lightweight
Laurence James vs. Matt Boner – Welterweight

Preliminary Card

Dea Graham vs. Aaronn Daniels – Lightweight
Ryan Sweeny vs. Eddie Mayor – Middleweight
Luke Trevelyn vs. Grant Hudson – Middleweight
James Duckett vs. Steve McDonald – Welterweight
Vahid Hoseinpoor vs. Jan Lysak – Light heavyweight
Ryan Robinson vs. Cameron Chamberlin – Featherweight
Bee Corr Davis vs. Daniel Owens – Flyweight