British kickboxer Micky Terrill has warned opponent Clyde Brunswijk “keep your guard up” when they face off in the quarter-finals of the Superkombat Final Elimination World Grand Prix in Geneva, Switzerland this Saturday.

Brunswijk is the current Superkombat New Heroes -81kg champion, and is one of the favourites going into the tournament, however Terrill has refuted the Surinamese-Dutch kickboxer’s chances.

“He looks quite sharp and fast, I don’t think he likes getting punched.” Terrill added “When I punch him I’m seeing him run away, so I’m hoping it goes in my favour.”

This event will mark Terrill’s third appearance for Superkombat, however he already holds two high calibre wins over some of the promotion’s top fighters.

“I’ve already beat a Dutch and a Romanian fighter in Patrick van Reese and Danut Hurduc and I don’t think they were too much to bother me really.”

The Brit described Moises Baute as ‘lucky’ after the Spaniard stopped Terrill in the final of the Cruiserweight grand prix back in June.

“I think I would have beaten Moses easily if I hadn’t broken my ribs.” He added “It hurts, it really hurts, I was lucky to be honest because he never realised he’d hurt it.

“In the second round I struggled with jabs and left kicks and I was hurting myself, at the end of the second round I think his corner realised he’d caught me and in the third he just punished it.”

The Light-Heavyweight tournament, which culminates in Monza, Italy on November 22nd includes some of Europe’s toughest kickboxers: Jorge Loren, Bogdan Stoica and Dawid Kasperski, but “The Thrill” believes he can’t be stopped.

“They’re all good, so you’ve just got to go in and have a battle. They will be quick but they won’t have enough power to really hurt me.

“I’m solely focused on this one, at the moment I’ve got a funny feeling Jorge Loren will win his [fight], then if I win that one I think it will be Bogdan Stoica.”

Bodgan, brother of current Superkombat super-cruiserweight champion Andrei, will be returning to the ring off the back of three straight loses. Most recently in the GLORY middleweight tournament, getting knocked out by Wayne Barrett, and Terrill was less than impressed with the Romanian fighter.

“I don’t think he’s fought that many great people himself, I know he just got into GLORY, but he got beat. I don’t think he is at experienced as me.”

He also commented on the hardships that British fighters have to face in the world of combat sports, often having to juggle their work, family and fight lives at once.

“I think in this country it’s harder, a lot of fighters have got to work as well as train, and you’ve got to fit your training around your work and I think it just makes you more determined. These Romanian fighters are just training all day, it’s a luxury to them. We’ve got to work harder for what we want. “

There is no doubt that Terrill is the kind of fighter who is willing to square off anytime, anyplace, and despite the odds being stacked against him in Geneva, he cautions Clyde Brunswijk not to ‘under-estimate’ his ability.