GLORY SuperFight Series, Lewis-Parry
Photo: James Law/Glory Sports International

Outspoken GLORY Heavyweight Chi Lewis-Parry tells injured Xavier Vigney ‘he can kiss my balls’, ahead of his return at GLORY 33 SuperFight Series.

Lewis-Parry will feature on the UFC Fight Pass event, which takes place September 9 from Trenton, New Jersey.

The 33-year-old was originally slated to face Xavier Vigney at the Sun National Bank Center, a rematch of their GLORY 21 contest. Lewis-Parry and Vigney met in San Diego last year where the American secured a TKO win in the final of the Heavyweight Qualification Tournament.

Despite excitement to avenge his only GLORY loss, Vigney was pulled from the fight in New Jersey. Now, with a new match up against Anthony McDonald on two weeks notice, Lewis-Parry was extremely vocal about his opinion of ‘chicken’ Vigney.

Vigney went on a chicken run, man. Vigney took his skinny legs and went running,” he laughed.

“To be honest with you, I don’t care, I’m not that bothered. It was good to get that one back, because I just wanted to prove; more to myself than anyone else, that he shouldn’t have won that fight.

“But he won it, congratulations, now he’s got to beg me to fight him again. He’s not hurt, he just doesn’t want to fight. That to me, is a bit of a bitch move, but if it’s something personal, then I completely respect that, but I doubt it’s anything like that. So, he can kiss my balls, his whole team can kiss my balls and we’ll see what happens next.”

Lewis-Parry trains out of San Jose’s American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) and was an integral part of UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier’s UFC 200 training camp.

Cormier was originally set to face Jon Jones in Las Vegas, but the former champion was removed from the bout because of an alleged USADA doping violation. Lewis-Parry expressed disappointment over Jones’s removal, especially because he and his AKA teammates were looking forward to Cormier ‘battering him’.

In spit of DC’s setback, Lewis-Parry made his return at GLORY 32: Virginia after a 10 month lay-off, where he starched out opponent Maurice Green inside two rounds. Despite making easy work of his foe, “Chopper” admitted he held off from the finish to get more of a ring workout.

“I could have finished that fight in the first round but, to me, I don’t learn anything there,” he explained. “I haven’t been in the ring for over a year and I wanted to get some ring time.“

It’s the entertainment element where Lewis-Parry always thrives. What started as doing Michael Jackson impersonations in his underwear as a child, has evolved into much more.

GLORY 33 will provide “Chopper” Chi with yet another opportunity to further his stock in the Heavyweight division. The Brit isn’t worried about the calibre of his opponent, as he seeks to make the most of the occasion and further his cause for Rico Verhoeven’s Heavyweight title.

“[McDonald] has zero stock in the Heavyweight division, nobody knows who he is. I don’t really see it as a lose-lose as I still get to compete and the most important part of it, the entertainment value will always be strong as soon as I get on that mic. I get some mic time, I get to talks some smack, Rico is going to be there so he has to listen to it, and I will get my shot for the title.

“I’m a realist, as much as I like to talk, there are guys that are more deserving. Ismael Londt is more deserving, he’s won big fights. I’m happy to wait, I’ve still got a lot to prove, I just know I’d be more entertaining because we wouldn’t go to a decision. I’m finishing him or he’s finishing me.”

The rivalry between Lewis-Parry and Verhoeven has been ongoing for over a year now, with both constantly jabbing at each other with their comments in the press.

Meanwhile, Verhoeven will face Anderson “Braddock” Silva in New Jersey, before a match with “The Golden Boy” Badr Hari on December 10 in Oberhausen, Germany. Badr will provide a stern challenge for Verhoeven and it’s a test Lewis-Parry believes the Dutchman will come up short in.

“As for the fight with Badr,” he paused. “Badr is going to knock him out. Badr is a different animal, I think his style is just too problematic for Rico because he’s going to get hit.”

Despite a potentially long wait, “Chopper” Chi didn’t pass up the opportunity to further his feud with the champion, prodding Verhoeven in his quest to solidify the fight between Holland and England.

“He’s a man’s man. He reminds me of Freddie Mercury with his looks,” Lewis-Parry joked.

“It will be Holland vs. England, Dennis Bergkamp vs. Sol Campbell. I am the Sol Campbell of kickboxing.”

“I don’t dislike Rico whatsoever, I don’t hate him, I think he’s a deserving champion, I just want to punch him in his face-balls and take his gold.”