Fedor Emelianenko

After Joe Rogan said the possibility of MMA icon Fedor Emelianenko using PEDs whilst competing were high earlier this week, the Russian has responded by saying the UFC commentator “likes to do PR scandals.”

With steroids currently a hot topic in MMA after a series of high-profile positive tests, Rogan suggested that the PRIDE legend’s notable change in physique during his career could point to the use of PEDs.

“Until you know for sure you can’t say you know, but I would imagine the possibility (of Fedor having used PEDs) is high…. He looked big. Go back and look at what he looked like against Fujita. He was a thick motherf*cker. He didn’t look anything like he looked when he fought “Bigfoot” Silva. So what happened? Did he stop lifting weights? That’s possible. Or, did he stop taking whatever the f*ck he was taking? That’s possible too,” stated Rogan on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

But Fedor claimed Rogan simply enjoys creating publicity and said that despite being tempted by the lure of steroids during his career, he took comfort from the fact that he was fighting clean and without any unfair advantages.

“Actually, we did get tested for steroids, but everyone just assumed that because no one tested positive that there were no steroids. Of course, the thought has crossed my mind, and assumptions were made, but it gave me strength to know that my opponent may have had to use something while I put in all of the hard work and long training trying to be a better fighter which is why, with God’s help, I was able to win whether my opponent was on steroids or not,” explained Fedor in an interview with Fansided.

The heavyweight Russian competed in 39 professional contests before he retired in 2012 and never once failed a test in his career.

During the interview, Fedor reiterated his commitment to retirement saying that despite the fact he still trains in MMA he has no desire to compete again.

Article by Darryl Rigby