The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has announced the addition of a 38th member federation in the form of Greek Wrestling MMA (GWMMA). Later this year the IMMAF are set to host the second series of MMA’s World Amateur Championships in Las Vegas, USA, with the competition kicking off on July 5.

Press release:

Based in Athens, the GWMMA sits under the auspices of the Hellenic Wrestling Federation, which is recognised by the Hellenic Ministry of Sports and oversees the Olympic disciplines of Greco Roman, Female and Free style wrestling and non-Olympic disciplines such as Beach Wrestling, Grappling and MMA. Founded in 1935, the Hellenic Wrestling Federation has more than 200 affiliated clubs and is one of the 8 biggest sport federations in Greece, organised according to democratic and non-profit principles.

The Board of Directors is composed of 15 members including the President, 3 Vice-presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, Technical Commission President, Referring Commission President and Non-Olympic Commission President. There is an 8 person administrative staff, as well as expert coaches and technical advisers to the board.

To date the Hellenic Wrestling Federation has managed MMA in Greece, which is in its early stages of development. Under the GWMMA and its affiliation with IMMAF, the organisation hopes to further develop and formalise structures to aid the growth and promotion of MMA. The GWMMA will adopt IMMAF rules and guidelines in order to work in accordance with international standards.

Hellenic Wrestling Federation President, Konstantinos Thanos, said:

“Mr. President, dear friends,

“As the president of the National Olympic Wrestling Federation (which also develops non-Olympic disciplines), together with my colleague the president of the MMA section, Mr. Dimitrios Trabakoulos, I would like to thank IMMAF for the precious collaboration and the constructive cooperation that has enabled our affiliation as an IMMAF official member. GREEK WRESTLING MMA is a committee of the Hellenic Wrestling Federation which works for the development of non-Olympic disciplines, including MMA. In our country, MMA is currently at an early stage. Our approach is to strive as hard as possible to develop this discipline through our collaboration with you.

“As the national federation of Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines we pledge to adopt IMMAF rules and statutes and we will do everything within our power to support the representation of Greece among IMMAF organisations.”

IMMAF CEO, Densign White, said:

“IMMAF is excited to welcome Greece, home to the original Olympic Games almost 3 millennia ago. The GWMMA has an established and developed administration behind it that has been in operation since 1935 and is recognised by the Greek government. We are honoured to affiliate with an organisation with such a strong foundation that can only benefit the advancement of Mixed Martial Arts in Greece.”