Ferguson Jr
Kevin Ferguson Jr aka Baby Slice

Kevin Ferguson Jr the son of legendary fighter Kimbo Slice will be making his third attempt at his pro MMA debut tonight on the preliminary card of Bellator 165. ‘Baby Slice’ will face off against Aaron Hamilton (0-2) in a welterweight bout in San Jose, California.

This platform could mark a perfect start to Ferguson’s pro MMA career for the son of Kimbo Slice who became one of the most viewed fighters in the sport of MMA. This is the third time Ferguson has been scheduled to make his debut since August, during takedown defence training Ferguson injured his MCL causing him to withdraw from Bellator 160.

The 23 year old then looked towards Bellator 162 in October where he was set to take on Rick Bing however the fight was called off when Bing missed weight for a 165-pound catchweight fight by 17 pounds. Despite the constant prolonging of his debut Ferguson Jr believes these are blessings in disguise.

“The prolonging of my debut hasn’t affected me at all it, it has just gave me a chance to get better and train more which is good because I’m still a rookie in the game and means the more dangerous I will become.”

Ferguson Jr made his amateur mixed martial arts debut in March where he fought regional fighter Tom Brink and disposed of his opponent in just 83 seconds. This fight took place just weeks after his father Kimbo Slice competed in February of 2016, defeating Dada 5000 at Bellator 149 via third-round TKO in what would be his last ever fight. The contest result would shortly be overturned after Slice tested positive for performing enhancing drugs. Then on June 5th Ferguson Sr was rushed to hospital where he seemingly died of heart failure.

Baby Slice admits that he feels no pressure to carry on his father’s legacy but knows it is something he wants to do.

“There’s no pressure at all at the end of the day, I’m doing what i love and the fact I get to continue on a legacy makes it better for me. It’s not something I’m trying to do it’s something I want to do.”

According to the fighter his father played a big part in helping Ferguson Jr become the man he is today. “He was a big role model he taught me everything I know; he was a role model and a father. I didn’t really see everything he did till now because I was young but I saw the dedication and commitment he had.”

Despite not being associated with the same street background as his father there is definitely an indication of the raw ingredients Baby Slice contains. Looking to make a perfect start to his pro MMA career Ferguson Jr is not short of confidence and with the power he possesses there is sure to be some fireworks in this fight.

“Coming into the fight I’m very confident, I just know what I’m bringing to the table and if I catch someone on the chin they’re going to be hurt and they’re going to go down. That’s my goal to bring the pain and hurt my opponent.”

Come tonight we will once again here the name Slice being read out as two men stand in the ring but this time it will be Kevin Ferguson Jr who will be holding the flag high for the Slice legacy.