In what seemed a prosperous fight between Mateusz Gamrot  and Norman Parke at KSW 40 in Ireland, hell broke loose as one of Gamrot’s team sucker-punched the Irishman, sending both the cage and crowd into a frenzy.

In a heated, controversial contest at KSW 40, an end to proceedings was called after a clear second eye-poke from the Pole. However, despite seeming intentional, the result was ruled as a no contest.

Shortly after the fight, when the teams were close together, Parke pushed one of Gamrot’s staff, provoking one of the team, believed to be Marcin Bilman, to punch Parke in return.

Shortly after the disturbing scenes and violence, peace was soon restored both in and outside the cage by KSW officials, prior to the official result being announced.

There has been no said stance on punishment for the offender and as of yet, no penalty has been awarded.

Whether a third fight between the rivals takes place is remained to be seen, but the rivalry is certainly getting more and more heated with each breath the pair of fighter’s take.