Jose Aldo. UFC Screenshot

The current UFC featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo Junior spoke about his future in combat sports and a potential career in boxing.

Featuring on famous television sports show in Brazil called “Aqui com Benja,” the Brazilian champion – that are scheduled to fight against Max Holloway at UFC 212 in Rio de Janeiro – revealed a new plan.

“I want to do a boxing career. But I am not interested to start big, because I need more experience in boxing. I need to check with UFC to give that authorization but this is something, I want to do,” said Aldo, responding to a video question from current Brazilian National Soccer Manager, Adenor Bacchi.

“I love to make this rematch against Conor McGregor and I know after beating my next opponent in title defence, this fight is gonna be much closer to happen,” mentioned Aldo, who refused to give an opinion about the Irishman’s new challenge against boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After a long layoff and comeback from premature retirement, Aldo revealed the importance of having strong people around him, ever since his debut in 2004.

“I was thinking since the star when I was living far away from my family and not having much conditions to be a professional fighter. With no suplements, no money and I always had good people around me, helping in my career to not go in bad way,” ended Aldo.

The popularity of current UFC Champion was growing in Brazil, since the movie (Mais Forte que o Mundo) about his life and MMA career was broadcasted on major open public television, Globo TV.