Alan Philpott BAMMA 26
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Despite recently receiving praises from MMA fans across the world, difficult times have befallen BAMMA Lonsdale Bantamweight champion Alan Philpott.

In the aftermath of Philpott’s (16-9) impressive performance against Tom Duquesnoy at BAMMA 27 it has today emerged that financial woes have hit the talented Northern Irishman.

“I understand the rules and I know they [BAMMA] say they’ll pay 10 working days after a fight but I only asked them for a favour because its so close to Christmas. Even if they just gave me the £500 signing bonus for the fight, even if they gave me that it would’ve have been something but I’ve not heard anything from them.”

The Ballymena born fighter nicknamed “The Apprentice” exclusively told MMA Plus that he had allegedly first reached out to the promotion this past Monday but his request for help has so far been met by a wall of silence.

“My agent has been on to BAMMA three or four times since I first reached out to them but we still haven’t received a response. Now I’ve had to tweet them about it because they obviously know I’m in a bit of difficulty but I’ve heard nothing from them so now I had to lend money off of people just to be able to buy a few things.”

“What makes things worst is the money I’m owed is sh-t, I owe every penny out plus more, it’s just f–king bad.”

In the Lead up to his showdown with BAMMA featherweight and bantamweight world champion Tom “FireKid” Duquesnoy, the 24-year-old had openly talked about the struggles he faces as a professional mixed martial artist which seemingly have continued post one of the breakout performances of his career.

“Promoters don’t care about fighters, the contract I have with BAMMA is a shambles for a start its worth nothing. I know Tom [Duquesnoy] got paid 15 grand for that fight and I did’t even get 2 grand for the fight and I’ve proven that I can hang with the best in the world.”

“The thing was I signed the contract before I got my agent which was my mistake, but I tried to renegotiate with them for more money so all they done was because it was a five-fight contract was take the first fight out and bumped my purse up to the second one and said thats all they can do.”

Despite leading a simply life the dedicated fighter who recently made the move across the Irish sea to Liverpool in a hope of improving his circumstances under the tutelage of Dean Garnett and the team at Aspire MMA where he continues to live a simple lifestyle.

“I’m only 24 and I don’t have many outgoing bills but I don’t have anything. I don’t have many outgoing bills because I don’t have anything. I’d love to have a house, I’d love to have a car, I’d love to have a new phone but the phone I have was given to me.”

“I feel like promoters don’t want to work with fighters at all, they feel like they’ve got control and can do whatever they want to do thats just it, you just have to deal with it and I don’t think thats right at all. Cameron Else who I believe is 2-3 fought on Bellator and he got 3 grand just to show, thats more then I was getting with my win bonus and resigning bonus and I was fighting for a world title. If I didn’t get my resigning bonus I was only getting £1800 and I’m meant to be fighting on one of the best shows in the world and I’m only getting paid buttons.”

“James Gallagher is 4-0 and his got 25 grand for that last fight and I’m happy for him but for me it sickening, its hard to keep the motivation to fight going when your hearing lower level fighters are getting paid more money then you are.”

In light of BAMMA not reaching out to Philpott the Londale champion is potential prepared to go to extreme lengths as a result.

“Unless they start playing ball with my agent and start bumping that money up a lot I won’t be fighting for them again. I’ll even sit out my contract if I have to because I know ACB for example would happily have me fight for them and they pay big money.”

“Don’t get me wrong in general I pretty happy with BAMMA, I’m just not happy with this situation. I know I’m a pretty big name for them and when they come to Belfast next year I know I’m not the main event but everybody will be there to watch me because I’m the main man in Northern Ireland.”

“I don’t want to be a negative guy over Christmas but I haven’t even received a response from them. The £500 I requested would’ve help me out a we bit. I don’t want to be having to beg for money but even the job centre pay you before Christmas.”

We at MMA Plus hope this issue can be brought to a mutually beneficial resolution in time for Christmas and will would like to wish Alan Philpott and all the readers a happy holidays