Karl Amoussou - Photo Credit: Cage Warriors / Dolly Clew

Karl Amoussou’s seven fight-winning streak ended last Saturday in the main event of Cage Warriors 89.

But despite losing the contest, the Frenchman still has his belt, but due to his opponent missing weight the day before the bout with Dominique Steele was not for the title.

But that doesn’t take away that Amoussou feels his belt is not as worthy as before.

“It’s a tough loss, he was a tough opponent, I knew that. We got ready for him, but there are some essential points to work on. I’ll be back,” Amoussou told MMA Plus after the fight.

“I don’t really care about the fact he missed weight – I’ve lost the fight and could have potentially lost the belt. The belt is still mine, but I don’t feel like the champion. We’re gonna have to sort this out,” Amoussou says.

“I’m not saying ‘no’ to a rematch. It was a good fight, I think it was interesting stylistically as well. We’ll see. “

Before this fight, Amoussou was building on a streak that could possibly catapult him to a higher level in the UFC. For now, these ambition has been put on hold, but the 32-year-old Frenchman remains optimistic he’ll get there.

“It has been on my mind for years. It looks like it’s not gonna happen at this moment. I’m going back to the gym, I’m gonna work on the weak points to make them strong points.”