DANIEL CRAWFORD. Copyright Dolly Clew.

On an eventful night at BAMMA 29 in Birmingham, England, featherweight prospect Daniel Crawford insists a title shot is next after putting in a career-best performance when he faced veteran Ronnie Mann in what seemed his toughest test to date.

Questions were raised on Crawford’s legitimacy as one of the best in the featherweight division, so when posed with “Iron” Mann with a record of (25-9-1) heading into BAMMA 29, it was expected to be a hard night for Crawford.

This turned out to be untrue as after dealing with the early attacks from Mann, Crawford found his range and started to use his terrific footwork and head movement to comfortably stay out of danger.

Three and a half minutes into the first round, Crawford left the Birmingham faithful gasping for breath when he stopped the 30-year-old via TKO (punches).

Speaking to MMA Plus after his monumental win, he said: “I felt no pressure. I definitely don’t look past anyone but I’m certainly looking further [than this level].”

Talking about his strengths and executing his gameplan, Crawford was quick to emphasise the power he carries, whilst shrugging off Mann’s strong start. 

“I have power. Power in both hands. I can hit people with my right, or my left, it doesn’t matter.

“I wanted to feel his power. I wanted to see what he was about. In the first exchange, he hit me with two clubbing shots and I was like ‘cool’. After that, smooth sailing.”

Following such an impressive victory and with hype surrounding the prospect, Crawford seemed determined on reaching the top. “I’m looking to go all the way. I’m looking to change my life. It’s as simple as that”.

“I’m looking to go all the way. I’m looking to change my life. It’s as simple as that”.

The Londoner was both assured and confident in his response to where he goes next. “The belt is next,” insisted Crawford, with current featherweight champion Damien Lapilus in his sights.

Despite only being 9-1, his win over Mann in Birmingham skyrockets Crawford up the 145lb ladder, especially with Mann being the fighter Lapilus defeated to win the gold, back at BAMMA 28.

With a title fight potentially on the horizon, the 23-year old Croydoner made it a point of thanking those who have supported him on the jury to date.

“I’d like to thank my wrestling coach Rahim Modarresi from United martial arts academy, Eamonn Madden from Aeon BJJ, Steve O’Keeffe from revolution martial arts, Sid from mogul management, Badboy for the sponsorship and a big thank you to my mum and dad for all their support.”