Khamal vs. Jomthong. Enfusion Live 47
Enfusion Live 47: Khamal vs. Jomthong | Photo credit: Fight Time Productions/Enfusion Live

Enfusion returns with another action packed show with, Enfusion Live 47 headlined by, Mohamed Khamal vs. Jomthong Chuwattana at the Jan Massinkhal, Nijmegen on March 18, 2017. 

Both fighters will be making their Enfusion debuts in a much-anticipated clash of two world class fighters.

Jomthong is a former three-time Rajadamnern stadium champion who, has also fought competitively in pro boxing, and was runner-up in the Kunlun Max 2016 final on new year’s day in China.

Khamal is a K-1 veteran of real Muay Thai pedigree who, has always adapted well from one rule-set to the other, with a track record of wins over the likes of: Artur Kyshenko; Mosab Amrani; GLORY Kickboxing‘s first two-weight champion, Robin van RoosmalenYokkao world champion, Liam Harrison; and Saiyok Pumpanmuang.

Interestingly, there will be two 4-man tournaments on the night that commence in the undercard, preceding event of, Kickboxing Talents 29 for both 67kg and 85kg. Both will conclude in the main fight card of Enfusion Live 47. As well as Enfusion’s 63kg world champion, Keng Superpro defending his title against, Souffiane Kaddouri.

Enfusion Live 47 – Fight card:

67kg Tournament Final – Winners of semi-finals (a) vs. (b)

Keng Superpro (c) vs Souffiane Kaddouri – 63kg world championship defence

Sheena Widdershoven vs Katrien Dirheimer – Womens, 65kg

85kg Tournament Final – Winners of semi-finals (1) vs. (2)

Jegis Yegoian vs Luis Tavares, 95kg

Ismael Lazaar vs Atha Kasapis, +95kg

Mohammed Khamal vs Jomthong Chuwattana, 70kg

Keng vs. Kaddouri
Enfusion Live 47: Keng vs. Kaddouri | Photo credit: Fight Time Productions/Enfusion Live

Kickboxing Talents 29 – Fight card:

Elisio Cabral vs Ayoub Allach – Reserve bout for 85kg Tournament

Annas Aaras vs Attiland Gungor/Siyar Fakhiri – Reserve bout for 67kg Tournament

Youssef El-Haji vs Attiland Gungor/Siyar Fakhiri – 67kg Tournament semi-final (a)

Chain Superpro vs Anil Cabri – 67kg Tournament semi-final (b)

Khalid El Bakouri vs Youness Ben Malek – 85kg Tournament semi-final (1)

Hicham El Gaoui vs Joey Smits – 85kg Tournament semi-final (2)

Mesut Derin vs Armen Hovhannisjan, 75kg