Vinny Shoreman

Vinny Shoreman stops by for a special edition of the MMA PLUS podcast. Andreas Georgiou has an in-depth chat with the voice of muay thai in the United Kingdom, as Vinny talks about: starting his commentary career, the state of muay thai in the UK, his roll as a mind coach, friendship with Liam Harrison and much more.

Recently, Vinny Shoreman has been launched to fame through his roll as a mind coach in the world of combat sport, working with some of the top fighters in the world, including top ranked GLORY kickboxer Joe Schilling. After “Stitch ‘Em Up” made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Vinny has seen himself sprung into the spotlight.

Nutritionist Mike Dolce is one of the hottest commodities in mixed martial arts, working with a plethora of elite level fighters, and Vinny believes he can do the same in his own roll.

“You want to know what’s lacking in the fight sport? Me. You know Mike Dolce? Diets? I want to be the mind coach for that. There’s a part missing, I’m that, I believe that. You know I see so many talented people, brilliant and I mean brilliant people, crumble, crumble, absolutely crumble because of the mindset.” 

You can listen to Vinny Shoreman’s full take on being a mind coach as well as a lot more hot topics right here.