Having made an impactful start to his UFC career, Mickey Gall continues to grab people’s attention with his charismatic personality and infectious enthusiasm.

Also, victories over high-profile opponents such as CM Punk and Sage Northcutt certainly have done nothing to hurt his cause.

Talking to MMA Plus after his appearance at the media events prior to UFC London, the young New Jersey native doubled down on his request to face British MMA legend Dan Hardy on his return to the octagon.

Although some may find the call out to be extremely ambitious on Gall’s part, he certainly doesn’t agree and feels that after finishing all four of his professional fights by submission, he is more than ready to face a far more experienced fighter.

“I would beat Dan Hardy”, smirked the 25-year-old.

“I’d bloody him up, beat him on the feet and beat him on the ground. He’s a legend and big names make nice trophies, and I want some nice trophies, so I’d love that fight.”

Although taken as slight tongue-in-cheek, there’s no mistaking the confidence that oozes from every pore of Gall and it’s easy to see he believes in himself and every word he says. Having the swagger that goes with being undefeated and his slick submission game, Gall has thus far proven to be a formidable opponent although the skill level of his foes have left a lot to be desired.

“Dan Hardy’s a solid guy and a big name but he’s been on the shelf for a little bit”, said Gall explaining the logic behind his choice.

“I figured it would be a good welcome back fight and a chance to maybe shut up this young buck. He’s a legend and I want to see him back”

Asked if he felt more pressure facing fellow top prospect Northcutt than he did former WWE star CM Punk, Gall was quick to point out that he felt obliged to beat the professional wrestler in dominating fashion at UFC 203 or face the ridicule of fans and his peers.

“If I’d lost to CM Punk, I’d go home. I’d have to quit MMA and find something else to do and I’d be a joke,” exclaimed Gall.

“I also felt the pressure of not letting CM Punk do one positive thing, I couldn’t allow that.”

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