Badr Hari

Badr Hari is back? The famous Moroccan kickboxer showed up at Mike’s Gym on Wednesday, as shown on GLORY kickboxer Christian Baya’s Instagram account.

Hari has been serving a prison sentence since April 3rd. Last February the Supreme Court found the 32-year-old guilty in two aggravated assault cases from 2012. Hari was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment, of which 10 months probation.

Because “The Golden Boy” already did eight months in preliminary imprisonment, he was scheduled to be released on November 10 this year. Hari’s trainer, Mike Passenier, said on Ziggo Sport’s Peptalk his pupil could get an early release in September to train with an ankle monitor.

Hari’s last fight was in December against GLORY heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven on GLORY: Collision in Oberhausen, Germany. Due to a ruptured muscle in Hari’s left arm, he had to intermit the fight in the second round and lost by TKO. Ever since the fight ended, the kickboxing juggernauts are talking about doing a rematch.

According to Dutch outlet MMADNA, Hari is a free man again and back in training. Reports from AD.NL also say that Team Hari had talks with GLORY last week about a two-year contract.

If this will speed up the possibility of the anticipated rematch with Verhoeven is the question. “The King of Kickboxing” is currently scheduled to defend his belt in his home country against Jamal Ben Saddik on GLORY’s year-end event in December. GLORY Matchmaker Cor Hemmers also hinted Verhoeven could fight in October as well. 

Hari’s attorney Bénédicte Ficq confirmed to PowNed that her client has started his resocialization project at Mike’s Gym. During the day Hari will work at the gym and in the evening he has to be back at Judicial Complex Zaanstad, which is around eight kilometres from the gym. An assistant prosecutor will accompany “The Golden Boy” in his leave of absence.