Jack Shore. Cage Warriors Academy Wales. Photo Credit: Cage Warriors Wales

Another Jack Shore fight, another Jack Shore finish, and Tillery Combat MMA‘s top prospect is ready to go again.

Shore needed just over two minutes to overcome Greece’s Alexandros Gerolimatos at last night’s Cage Warriors Academy Wales show. The Greek fighter started well, but Shore was able to reverse the position and secure a standing rear naked choke victory.

On his win, which took his professional record to 4-0, Shore said:

“I felt a bit sloppy to start to be honest. My plan was to try and feel him out a bit of the feet.

“I saw an opening for a takedown, and I rushed in, he countered it and hit me with a nice elbow which opened me up a little bit.

“I just watched the fight back and I did manage to scramble nicely, I got top position and yeah, once I started going to work on top I felt like my normal self.

“A win’s a win, another first round finish so, all in all I can’t complain.”

Though he did suffer a cut, and one that produced a fair amount of blood at that, it turned out to be one that looked much worse than it actually was. This comes as a huge relief for the Featherweight, who wants to compete at Cage Warriors 83 in just eight weeks.

“It’s only a little nick, I think it looked bad in there, because obviously, with the lights on and everything, your blood pressure is through the roof, so it flies out.

“I went backstage and the doctor said he’d seen smaller cuts shaving so it’s not as bad as I first thought, which is a good thing because I’m hoping to fight again in eight weeks.”

As for a future opponent, it might be time for Shore to face a step up in competition, especially given the dominance he’s displayed in his last two fights, against overseas prospects in Eddie Pobivanez and Alexandros Gerolimatos. Indeed, Shore is building himself a reputation as one of the UK’s top prospects, and he himself is now being called out. Unfortunately, he has yet to be called out by anyone who isn’t a pretender.

Laughs I don’t think they’re legit people calling me out, it’s some nobodies calling me out that want to be fighters!

“But no, I mean, I’m hoping to fight whoever. I’ve got a good management team, and obviously Cage Warriors are the best promotion about, so I’m sure they’ll find me a good opponent and you know, I’m young and hungry, I’ll fight whoever they put in front of me.”

As good as Shore’s management team are, they may put the breaks on a fight with another one of Cage Warriors’ top prospects, in Lloyd Manning, purely because he too is represented by the same team. On the prospect of fighting Manning, Shore said:

“Yeah, I think that’d be a good fight. I do think that Lloyd and me have got the same manager though, so that may cause complications.

“I’d love to fight in Ireland, whether it’s against an Irish guy or, or another foreign guy they keep putting me in against.

“You know I just want to be busy, but I like to travel as well. I love fighting in Newport, I’ve got the crowd on my side, but I’m game to fight. You know, Liverpool’s a great venue, and the Irish card, I’ve just watched a bit of on my phone now, it looks great. So yeah, like I said, I just wanna get in there, get these fights racked up.

As for travelling, Shore recently returned from a trip overseas. He, along with father and Tillery Combat head coach Richard Shore recently travelled with UFC Middleweight Jack Marshman for his fight at UFC Halifax, in Canada. Though Marshman came up short in that fight, the experience was huge for Shore, and it didn’t come at the expense of fight preparation for his own contest.

“We were out there about a week, and I was really lucky because, obviously my dad and my head coach, Richard was out there with us.

“The UFC put on like, when you’re in the hotel, there is like a training facility. You’ve got a good quality gym you can do your cardio in, and there was a big matted area where you can train so it didn’t really affect my training. I had a great camp for this fight, and as I do for every fight. I’m a workhorse and I always put the work in, and Canada didn’t affect it in any way.”

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