Jim Wallhead. Credit Cage Warriors/Dolly Clew.

Just a week or so after his bout against Warlley Alves was cancelled, UFC welterweight Jimmy Wallhead has been flagged by USADA over a potential anti-doping violation.

Stemming from an out of competition test on October 7, the UFC released the news on Wednesday.

Wallhead awaits adjudication on the matter.

The out of competition results add to a shocking month for the Englishman. “Judo Jim” has lost both of his fights in the UFC so far and with a possible failed drug test, things have gone from bad to worse for the 33-year old.

Despite being flagged by USADA, Wallhead is adamant of no wrong-doing. He took to social media to elaborate

“I have to do a post on this because I know how people react to this shit and I’ve already had couple people I know doubt me, so here it is I have been flagged by USADA for Ostarine,” Wallhead wrote on his Facebook page. “I have no idea what that is but obviously I’m going to request my B sample to be tested as well.

If you really think I’m stupid enough to cheat or take a banned substance then you don’t know me, I haven’t took anything at all! Why on earth would I get to the UFC which has took me 12 years of hard work and then take something…

Lol it’s f*cking ridiculous!! And along with fact I’ve had about 8 drug test already with UFC and am tested regularly would I even attempt to do anything out of sorts.

To be honest I’m f*cking fuming, devastated & shocked all in one, here is my suggestion to everyone on USADA; don’t even drink protein shakes because you’re taking a risk, all I had different in my last camp that I can think of was –

• Caffeine shot/drinks
• ready meals
• protein pancakes
• protein drinks
• protein bars
• electrolytes

I don’t know what else to say on this I hope it gets resolved, I believe I have a good name and a good reputation, personally I think it’s mad and I don’t understand it at all.
For those that believe me thank you and those that don’t, quite clearly fuck you.”